Assembling a Team

We are welcoming everyone who wishes to contribute to the development of BFME: Reforged!

If you want to become a part of the team behind our non-commercial project, please think about the field you can help us in.

We kindly ask you in advance for two things:

1) Please write to us only if you are interested in getting into the team and working (contributing at least 3-4 hours to the project per week)!

2) Please try to point out as much about your skills and experience as you can and in case if you have any examples of your work (portfolio) don’t forget to share them with us!

C++ Programming.

C++ is the programming core of the game. If you can regularly devote at least 3-4 hours per week, please contact us! This estimate is for people with much experience in C++ / UE4, for those with lesser experience a minimum of 6-8 hours is a more realistic expectation.

3D Modelling is a very important area of game development.

Character modelling
Advanced character sculpting skills are necessary for creating amazing characters that meet our current standards. The characters may range from human-like models like Gandalf to various beasts like Balrog. Only for skilled and experienced artists

Weapons, props and building modelling
Having confident skills of hard surface modelling and both sculpting is essential to make beautiful and complex models for the game. The models may range from weapons to faction buildings or even assets from which iconic places like Barad-Dur are composed of. Only for skilled and experienced artists

Write to our mailbox and share examples of your works!

3D animation, skinning stand in high demand for Reforged.

Animation and skinning can be done in Blender (free to use), in Maya, 3ds Max and MotionBuilder.

If you feel passionate about taking part in the creation of new BFME as an animator, please write to us and show examples of your works!

2D art is essential for developing a game. We can define several sides of it:

Concept Art
Various buildings, characters and even tools may require concepts to be modelled. The tasks may include creating several simple concepts of a tool like builder’s cart, of a character and a faction building and etc. The tasks do not always suggest preparing colored illustrations as a well-drawn sketch sometimes may be enough for a 3d modeler to rely on for his work. Only for experienced artists.

On some occasions BFME: Reforged requires beautiful illustrations to be made. Sometimes it can be a part of preparing a concept, sometimes it may suggest preparing a separate illustration. For skilled and experienced artists.

UI Art
The work on the user interface is not over yet and Reforged Team is still in the process of developing better UI concepts that will have to be realized with the UI elements such as various buttons and ornamental patterns.

Particles, FX is an exciting and entertaining area of development that circulates around visual effects for various skills and spells.

It’s possible to learn creating particles with the help of the official documentation:

And as well with multiple free tutorials on YouTube.

If you want to be creating special effects for new BFME, please create and send us 2-3 particles based on the effects from old BFME as a test task (Saruman or Gandalf spells, for example).

What should I do if I lack experience in game development but still want to participate in the development of BFME: Reforged?

If you have enough time and will and predisposition to creativity, you may start delving into any of game development areas listed above. Many factions are yet to be made and even already made models, animations and effects can still be replaced by yours if they are more beautiful and better than ours. But make no mistake, the process is not only about fun, it’s also about hard work that needs much time.


Please specify your discord or facebook account id in your letter!